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Disney and Pandora present the Little Mermaid collection

If you are a fan of the classic movie or the new movie, and your favorite princess is Ariel, be sure to discover everything that this new collection from Disney and Pandora brings, inspired by The Little Mermaid.

Las piezas están inspirados en la nueva película y su versión Live Action, donde la plata esterlina resalta junto con los esmaltados en diversos colores y el diseño a detalle de las características de tus personajes favoritos.

If you know something about me (Camaleónicas) it’s that I’m always more of a villain than a princess (the bad ones have more fun) and one of the things I liked the most about the collection has undoubtedly been everything related to one of my favorite villains from Disney world, Ursula.

From the special set that includes a chain, ring and charm to the separate pieces, everything has a meaning. The artificial pearls that decorate these pieces are lacquered in purple surrounded by tentacles, and the small but important details such as the shiny stones in them, attract the light that simulates the reflection of the waves.

In the case of The Little Mermaid, we must recognize the finishing of the details. Her face and Ariel’s dreadlocks in etched details, and her mermaid tail in teal and cherry-hued enamel have been applied by hand. Even the aurora borealis with clear cubic zirconia give the impression of the sun reflecting off the waves.

One of the most beloved characters has always been Sebastián and he could not be missing from this collection. This charm features bead-set eyes, six crab legs, and a crab claw dangling from a jump ring. The shell is orange Murano and is encased in an openwork wave pattern, allowing it to shine through.

If I have to choose one piece from the collection, it would definitely be this one. Well, the design is sensational and the message it carries is even more special, I have stage fright when I sing and I’ve been trying to overcome it for years, so this message touches my heart. “My Voice Is a Treasure” invites you to come out of your shell with this enchanted shell charm hand-finished in 14k gold plating, featuring fluted lines and a realistic spiral effect, along with four brilliant round stones in a diamond setting. shaped like a starfish that rest on the side of the shell.

It is worth mentioning that this pendant can also be purchased as a set with the 14k gold plated seashell earrings, detailed with realistic grooved lines and set with luminous white lacquered artificial pearl.

And to finish you have the most musical moment of the film replicated in a charm. Featuring the description “Under the Sea” and Ariel swimming, with hand-applied enamel detailing. Sterling silver beads represent the bubbles, and the coral reef is set with pink stones. “Under the Sea” is engraved on the seascape, reminding us that there is beauty and magic beyond the coast.

You can take all the charms from the collection, Ursula’s ring and the earrings in a jewelry box specially designed as a tribute to the movie The Little Mermaid Live Action in the shape of a fan shell, in gradient tones and decorated with a clasp that has a pearl of decor.

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