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Costa Rica Fashion Week: sustainability is the key

In the search for sustainability and to counter the carbon footprint emitted by the event, the way to enter the different walkways will be through the purchase of a tree from the Planta mi Árbol foundation.

The Costa Rica Fashion Week edition number 21 will take place on the 27th, 28th and 29th of October 2022. This event will be held in Antigua Aduana and is backed by the Milan Fashion Chamber. There are 24 walkways, among designers and national brands, as well as the participation of designers from new countries, on the three days of the event.

With the alliance with Planta mi Árbol, trees are planted in areas that need to be reforested in Latin America, in the fight against climate change. A tree is equivalent to an entrance to a walkway.

“From Planta Mi Árbol, we also want to extend our invitation to this incredible sustainable fashion event, and to be part of the change! With their assistance they will be contributing to this important cause. Each one of you will represent a new tree on our planet!” indicates the representative of the association, Max Anders.

For her part, the director, Karina Diaz, adds “This 2022 we have decided to redouble our efforts to position CRFW as the sustainable fashion platform in the region, our country stands out internationally for being a “Green Country” and clean energy as well. that we joined this banner and decided to take a step closer to the sidewalks and this year we decided to leave our carbon footprint in the world in the fashion week celebration.”


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