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BIMBA Y LOLA inaugurates the Flagship in Peru

BIMBA Y LOLA continues its adventure in Peru, promising to open two new stores throughout 2023, in emblematic fashion districts.

BIMBA Y LOLA opened its flagship store in Lima in my house, my district, my beloved San Isidro. In a modern concept, full of colour, it presents its different and fun creative proposal, through a wide variety of high-quality clothing, footwear, bags and accessories.

Obviously we were there the day they opened, I was customer number 3 of the store. And just like the official opening with all the fashionistas from Lima. This new space opens its doors on Avenida El Bosque, which if you haven’t been there I recommend it because you can find several of my favorite brands in one block.


Bimba y Lola El Bosque is presented as a store with its own experience and personality, together with a mix of immersive and interactive digital content.

Since BIMBA Y LOLA opened its first store at Jockey Plaza in June 2021, the brand has been very well received by the national market. Now as a sanisidrina (someone born in San Isidro) we had been waiting for an opening like this for a long time because going to the mall with the Lima traffic is only for adventurous tourists, in my humble opinion. A store in my neighborhood was just and necessary, as well as highly requested. The chameleons of these parts are happy.

With the opening of its flagship store, the fashion company has 2 boutiques with a view to opening a third store at the end of the year. And I promise you that if I am in Peru at that time, I will be there.


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