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Barbie x Aldo: The Limited Edition

This limited edition collection called Barbie x Aldo launches online and in select stores on 06/29.

We know that we have invaded Barbie’s blog, but beyond the fact that we are true fans, our favorite brands have joined the launch of the film with many new features.

The 3 emblematic colors of Barbie stand out from the collection, pastel pink, fuchsia and white, even the dreamy pink tone that is a hot pink is present. At the same time, the buckles and diamonds have such iconic shapes of the logos that have been used through time that represent her world.

From this collection it stands out that everything is fashionista as well as comfortable; both materials and shapes of the shoes highlight it.

The shoes in the collection have the design known as “Pillow Walk” which is double density foam and padded insoles, so that walking is extra comfortable.

It’s not on sale yet but the pre save has already started. You can sign up for the launch notification on the web.


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