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Audi Peru and the protection of 160 thousand square meters of Amazon forest

Audi Peru signed an agreement with the Arbio organization to protect the forest in Madre de Dios, rich in the ancient Shihuahuaco species of trees.

As part of this alliance, Audi Peru is committed to the protection and conservation of 16 hectares of the Arbio forest, a space rich in flora and fauna, where the presence of the Shihuahuaco stands out, a species of thousand-year-old tree that shelters and feeds hundreds of species, even from before the Inca Empire.

Each Shihuahuaco is a source of up to a thousand liters of water daily, which all Peruvians drink. In addition, their main function is to regulate our climate by absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2), preventing it from being released into the atmosphere; Therefore, it acts as the lung of the Amazon that benefits the entire world.

“We hope that this alliance will allow us to grow together to expand awareness of protecting our forests and thus continue with this work in the long term,” said Tatiana Espinosa, CEO of Arbio Peru.

By protecting these 160,000 square meters of the Arbio forest, Audi helps prevent the indiscriminate felling of the Shihuahuaco, thus protecting the release of 1,920 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere; in addition to the conservation of an important source of water that we need so much.

“The Arbio forest is home to trees that are more than 1,000 years old and their preservation is critical to maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. Stopping the deforestation of these trees is essential to avoid forest degradation”, said Alexandra Bonnemaison, Manager of Audi in Peru.

Committed to a sustainable world

With this new action, the brand with the four rings demonstrates once again its commitment to be increasingly efficient and responsible with our planet. “With this alliance, Audi adds new efforts to care for the environment and protect biodiversity in this area of the Amazon forest,” added Bonnemaison.

In recent years, Audi has focused on the move to electromobility. With the aim of contributing to achieving a sustainable world, Ingolstadt is committed to launching only models with electric propulsion as of 2026; while, by 2033, the production of combustion models will be completed. This has already been reflected in Peru with the recent arrival of the Audi e-tron and the installation of fast charging systems in Lima.


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