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Arcilla by Ianka Miranda

The style of Peruvian designer Ianka Miranda always surprises. Her collections are unique, and Arcilla, in this case, shows us her minimalist side, with the elegant touch characteristic of the brand.

Arcilla, working with this material is popular in the Peruvian community. It is common for the designer to resort to Peruvian techniques or inspiration from his own country. In this limited edition collection, only these pieces of clothing that star our tons and textures.

They are basic and comfortable pieces. However, we are missing a design by Ianka Miranda, a sophistication word can never be left aside, because she always seeks that the woman who wears each of her pieces stands out for her personality and behavior.

This case is no exception, the fluffy layers in tons that evoke the elements of nature, with highlights for looks such as cotton brocade dresses, or games with asymmetry, the coats that combine with solenity in each piece, together we make with what Peças essenciais ao look powerful.


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