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WTM London and Travel Forward : Virtual Tourism Fairs 2020

Hello, Chameleonesses!

The 2020 has forced many events in the world to be virtual due to the situation, one of them is the WTM London and Travel Forward. You may wonder what this event is about or what its purpose is, the following note will put them in context with the expected 2020 tourism social event.

The World Travel Market is one of the most important fairs in the tourism industry. It is an international business meeting or a B2B (Business to Business) that is to say, a business space where the transaction of goods, products and/or services, in this case tourism, takes place between two companies; until last year they have made 12 deliveries since 2002.

Travel Forward is an event dedicated to the next generation of travel and hospitality technology. It brings together technology providers and innovative senior industry executives for a week of cutting-edge ideas, open discussion and exciting business opportunities. It works in conjunction with World Travel Market and has been in the inbound market for over three decades.

Both companies changed their plans and recently announced that the fair would be held virtually due to travel restrictions and local isolation throughout Europe. It was scheduled for September and took place at the EXCEL in London, now it will take place between the end and beginning of October and November respectively.

To be exact the current date for the World Travel Market is from 9 to 11 (November) and the London Travel Week from 30 (October) to 5 next month.

The two events will have a summit of different entities:

The LTW will have summits on Welfare, BAME Tourism and LGBT Tourism, as well as Destination Briefings and Press Conferences and the WTM will have an investment summit in partnership with ITIC -International Tourism & Investment Conference- and a new Marketing Forum and masterclasses workshop in collaboration with The Five Percent.

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