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VOGUE Bridal Atelier 2019 México DF

Are you near to getting married and still feel that you have a lot to think about or do you think that your perfect marriage plans lack certain touches to make mega super sensational? This event is what you are looking for and it is not only for you, you can attend with family friends, as they say, two heads think better than one.

It is an exclusive event where the best brands and suppliers come together for the organization of a special day such as a marriage and where the experts will talk about issues that all bride-to-be should have in their agenda. Considered one of the largest events in the region, it occurs year after year in Mexico City. They are two days full of activities that last practically the whole day.

In this event you will receive the best tips that every bride to be should know for your super special day

We know that you will find here for all tastes. From those who want a lavish wedding, to which, like me, we want something super simple and unconventional. You will find a section where suppliers, designers and brands adapt to your tastes and needs. But that’s not all, the talks and workshops are exclusively nuptial topics. Better prepared, impossible. The important thing is to enjoy both the process and the result.

For more info visit: Vogue Atelier Brides

Photo archive: Vogue Mexico (press in collaboration)


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