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That’s women’s stuff. Have you ever heard that phrase?

Have things changed?

I am sure that as a women you have asked this question many times. I believe that it was so, we advanced, not jumping and jumping, but a well. There was still a long way to go to be part of an egalitarian society.

Gender roles are barely changing or rather, they are barely being talked about: “no games/toys/clothes for girls or boys” or they are looking for “colors without distinction of gender”. The point is that currently they are looking to change the chip so that the younger ones do not have the emotional and gender burden that we have had for centuries.

But… what about older people?

Those over 30, 40 and not to mention those over 50! (obviously, not all) many of them still think that there are activities that only a woman does ,and a man should not stick his hand in that area. “That’s a woman’s thing,” they always say.

I know that many will talk about male uselessness, which seems to me to be a wrong thought; I know many men who are serious, who are experts in housework and in so many other things that for centuries were attributed to women; just like us in “male chores”.

How willing are we to change this?

Because the truth is that many are afraid of change. This typical phrase has always worked as the perfect excuse: it is better the “bad known than good to know”, what things, no? But both men and women already feel, see, live that we cannot go on like this. Society is demanding it, demanding it, it’s TIME FOR CHANGE!

So it’s time to open up and start learning what the other one has been doing for so long. Yes, it will be a challenge, yes it’s lazy (don’t be haha), yes, it’s more comfortable for someone else to do it (the fairy who magically disappears the dirty dishes or the goblin who unfailingly takes the car to be washed).

If we want real change, we have to start by example, by ourselves. We will see that, in the end, it is not as terrible as it is painted. 🙂

I invite you to see this advertising campaign “Together we do it better of a dairy brand, it caused me a lot of thanks and also made me think a lot about the way in which over the years, gender roles are still replicated.


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