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The legacy of Alicia Maguiña, the lady of Peruvian folklore

Hello girls, today I come to tell you some very sad news

Yesterday morning I heard a news that moved me a lot, all the newspapers on the Internet, had as headline “Alicia Maguiña, the legend of the Creole music died”.😔

At that moment it came to my mind every Sunday when I woke up and in the background I heard some of their songs. I don’t know if it happens to them that at the moment of reading a word or hearing something, they automatically remember some special moment in their lives.

For all those good days I spent accompanied by the songs of this great artist, today I want us to remember her impeccable career, and the great achievements she left to her beloved Peru.

A woman with a frontal and energetic character

That’s how it was and we will always remember Alicia Maguiña, who dedicated more than 60 years to research, composition and singing. Her fine and sharp voice knew how to get the best out of the huayno, waltz, tondero, marinera, polka and festejo.

The singer and composer was born in Lima in 1938. She knew how to overcome the classics of the time and maintained the romanticism of the coastal and Andean rhythms throughout her impeccable career.

She broke the pattern among criollo singers, when in the 1950s she appeared dressed in the Andean style to perform huaynos in Quechua and Aymara.

Unparalleled musical talent

He composed his first theme in 1956. It was “Inocente Amor”, a song released by the “Troveros Criollos”, although for the critics, his most important composition is “Indio”, created in 1963 and recorded by artists such as Los Chamas, Roberto Tello, Lucho Neves and Carmencita Lara.

“Indio”, considered by many the most important of his career and versioned on countless occasions by all kinds of performers.

Today we can enjoy his wonderful interpretations with just one click

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