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The biker’s diary

Hello dears,

For those who are lovers of always go discovering their city like me, I know you will love this idea and this post. And is that one of the best things to do is to ride a bike; That feeling of freedom and fun, unique stops that allow you to find new corners is very special. A few days ago, thanks to my friends from Lima Bike, I was able to give myself that pleasure. Because the experience really is something.


We start with a tour of Kennedy Park, the emblematic park of Miraflores, seeing its surroundings and a bit of its history. The great thing about this trip is that it is very safe, since everywhere you have a guide that watches over your safety and also tells you the most interesting data of each stop.


And as the tour just begun, we met the market of Surquillo with its delicious stews, where we were invited a very rich extract of all the fruits. Like Peru, there are not two. Then another super important tour (to be honest, I had promised an argent friend to go ufff, although I did not go with him but I did travel with videos # somethinggovernment)


This is how Lima, in recent times, has changed towards the use of more bicycles and has created a conscience thanks to companies like Lima Bici that have to advance and grow bigger bike paths around the city. Taking advantage of the great opportunity we have for our sights, parks and historic places. Guaranteeing not only the new products, the best that Lima offers its culinary culture and taste, a combination that is impossible not to enjoy.


This allows us to look further, to create a sustainable city, making the bike the perfect “tool” that helps us to see Lima in different ways. Did you already know La Huaca Pucllana? I totally recommend this place to get out of the city routine.


El Olivar also has its charms and we made a tour through it where we then went to the boardwalk and invited us a rich cappuccino. More conceited, impossible. The great thing about each tour is that it accommodates to the measure of different points of Lima that you want to know, be it the center of the city or others of the preferred by all. Do you dare to travel and see Lima?


For more information look at Lima Bici (fanpage) and https://www.limabici.com/



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