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The best version of yourself is the messiest

As you read, have you noticed how many times a day women have to maintain an image of order? At home, at work, before the children, before the husband, the family, the aunt, the cousin, the fulana and the other whore whose name we never remember.

Inappropriate reality, there is hardly a moment in the day when our brain is not computerized under the command “keep orderly” (the Spanish GPS came to my mind at the top) We have it so inserted in our chip (wow! It shows that I have had a lot of work today) that we forget that we are like our peers, totally human.

And believe me what happens, not long ago I went to an event where the women did not dance with their hearts, they did it looking to the side and looking for what I call “social approval” … nothing more sad for something as delicious as the art of dance. And just as that image is built, “destroying” it for a few seconds is not such a bad idea either. Conversely… When a woman smiles, she says a lot, but when she lets go of that laughter, that one that we have been denied from the Catholic school of women to have (at least in my case), is AMAZING.

It is an individualistic way of saying I exist; I’m here; I am a being of character and well-being. The result of that laughter, the one that perhaps not even the one was unaware of, is not only contagious, but gives us that common sense towards a unique enjoyment. And if we disheveled, we have reached ecstasy. So, why refuse to do it? The next time someone says “do not laugh like that,” laughs louder. Curl up, and unfold your back until curved by all the sound wave you produce with your unique laugh, because I also forgot to tell you, the laughs are unique.

No one will produce the same as you and that is why your laugh will always attract attention. But do not be intimidated, enjoy your moment of pleasure. Enjoy saying I am happy at this moment. The world needs to hear it, I need to hear it and I’m sure that you too 😉


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