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Flight search engines to travel without spending a lot of money

Hello girls

We all remember with much nostalgia that airport, which had so much similarity to a shopping center, today it is sad to just imagine it. Many stores were closed. Only a few cafes and the big brands are open. That little luxury of trying expensive perfumes, or taking a walk in each of the souvenir stores is now a thing of the past. Avoiding everything that can be touched, is the motto.

A young woman wearing face mask is traveling on airplane , New normal travel after covid-19 pandemic concept

I know that these are complicated times, I know that the road to enjoy a peaceful trip will take time, but let’s NOT let that discourage us, don’t let these bad times bury the adventurous woman who is passionate about doing what she loves most: traveling. Because to travel is to live.

I think I got very sentimental, those who know me know that I love to travel, and for sure many of you share the same passion, maybe some of you are already packing your bags to take a flight, or others are looking for flights that fit your budget.

Look for pencil and paper to write down these search engines that will help you find super affordable tickets. 😉


Skyscanner is possibly the number one flight search engine. In a few seconds, it compares more than a thousand airlines and shows you the best offers ordered by price, so you can choose the cheapest flight according to your preferences.


This free Danish portal searches through more than a thousand airlines and travel agencies and finds the cheapest flights and travel offers for you.

You will find information about destinations, maps and hotel comparisons, and it has a network of specialized journalists and collaborators who are dedicated to travel and test the establishments.


Kayak is a powerful and flexible search engine that can search hundreds of websites and offer you the cheapest flights to any country in the world.

It includes a price alert function, you can receive prices by email, you can search for flights according to your budget, and it also has a travel planner that allows you to organize a complete itinerary and share them. It’s completely free.


Tripadvisor is the largest travel website in the world. Here you will not only find the best flight options, but also the cheapest hotels, the best restaurants in the city you will visit.

Something that I really love, is their rating system for comments from other travelers, that adds realism and honesty.

If you have already dared to undertake a new adventure in some corner of the world, I recommend you to read these small tips for traveling in times of pandemic and not fail in the attempt.

That would be all for today Chameleon, remember to share your travel experiences in the comments, also if you know another search engine, share it and help a traveler friend. 🙂


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