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The Adventures of Costhanzo

Hello Chameleons,

A few weeks ago, during my weekend afternoons #doingalot (looking  Instagram) founded these illustrations that at first sight caught my attention. Without knowing it until that moment, I had found an account of  this Argentine illustrator well known in the media. His name is Costhanzo.

I can swear until that moment (and my elephant memory does not fail) I would have had the opportunity to see his work while studied advertising. From his portraying pop icons like Madona up to his press work with such “lovely” characters as Trump (being the target of the CIA in 3 … 2 … 1 …)

What I can say is that humor is his best tool and always put it in all his illustrations. Here some of my favorites:

Top of tops Chiara Ferragni


The terrifying beings of the movies

(or as I call them … my ideas for my not sexy Halloween costume)


                 Borned in Buenos Aires, his works travel around the world


As good Argento could not stop supporting soccer and do believe there is not better nickname for Di Maria
LOL (has several designs of that team obviously including Messi)

And here it is Costhanzo


You can know more about him in the next links:

Instagram: Costhanzo

Facebook: Costhanzo 


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