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Who does not like the secrets of eternal youth? (Friend, tell your tip) The Lonchevity Concentrate Orchidée Impériale de Guerlain acts from the deepest layers of the skin of the face to bring a sublime result.

Guerlain with its formulation line Cell Respiration ™ has a serum that regulates the oxygen index of cells.

Thus they can breathe again, accelerating their regeneration, giving them energy which makes visible the diminution of those signs of age that bother us so much.

The redensifying action of an ingredient as unique as tiger nut extract, gives reinforcement to our skin.

The volumes of youth appear reconstituted, the contour of the face acquires clarity, the wrinkles are filled and the pores are refined after application. The perfecting efficiency is achieved thanks to the action of an extract of rose fruit that limits the relaxation of the pores and reduces their visibility .

The skin looks uniform and radiant. As our skin is wise, and I have to say it, it is important to know that the application method is NOT a game, it helps to activate all the cells where it is applied. It begins with circular movements from the inside to the outside of the face; then, repeat the movement but with slight pinches.

Then, place your hands in “V” at the bottom making pressure towards the top of the face. And finally, with the fingers gives slight touches to the face. Applying it, according to instructions, you will see very favorable results.

A super important fact and for which I also wanted to tell you about this product is that the bottle is recyclable. Simply Great!

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