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#MyAuntDanny : What is to be an aunt?

I would like to start by answering this question. Eye, I want to clarify, that this is not a mom’s blog, or make me mom, the children are scheduled for later … .much after #NextIceAge. What yes, I think that all my experience with babies and children, who believe me is a lot, could help, from a more objective perspective to broaden the outlook of mothers … And that’s what aunts are for.

The aunts are not only us, not the one who hid the alcohol from the old ones, nor the ones that we give the chocolate under the table without mom realizing, ALSO we are the ones who hear ALL the complaints of mom about when they can not stand her “Chuckie” or those that we remind mom, that before all things (mother and wife) is a woman and should have time for her.

The aunts can see how the mother and the child are given to death, and although we kill ourselves laughing, be there to reconcile things. We are the ones who give you the “fresh” perspective of life, because for sure the last thing they have heard in months is Baby Shark and its main channel when turning on the TV is Disney Junior.

What do you think … that at my twenty-nine years I have no experience? I practically came with the curriculum of profession under the arm to this world.

When I was still in diapers, my mother, a specialist in early childhood education, had no one to leave me with on many occasions during summer vacations, or winter, or even when I got sick. Dad was also working, and this little charm was quiet, too quiet, so he went with her to work.

I dealt with other children, I walked around daycare, nests, and others, always socializing with children and mothers, learning from their behaviors, analyzing them (logic told me at 3 years that there was no Santa Claus … yes, I am that kind of girl) and knowing all kinds of women in this world. Afterwards, my cousins ​​and family, mostly older than me, gave me blessings.

Like 32 to be exact to date, not counting nephews of friendships. And even though I do not live with them exactly, seeing them as parents and me as an aunt makes me see everything from the outside. A different vision So every time you see this phrase # MyDiaDanny you’ll know that this article is for you;) So without further ado, with much love, and dedication, I want to give you this of me, my experiences and teachings, not my critical son. I think that as a woman and as a blogger, NOBODY teaches you how to raise your children, but you will find many life lessons with which you may identify yourself, and help you solve your day. And why not? Laugh a little, because all this goes through something, children are a more adorably anecdotal experience of life. They are not alone, they have us aunts. And they have me. Hugs!


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