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My beauty diet

Hi minions!

How’s the week going? Are not there days that prefer to stay home and watch Netflix, read magazines and listen to music? Well, let’s take advantage of that time for us, in just 30 minutes we can save the treatment in the hairdresser and the spa, taking advantage of a quiet day to enjoy ourselves.

One of my favorite fruits (note homemade) is the avocado (or avocado) because it is delicious to eat and it is also super powerful mega to renew us. Its properties and vitamins help our hair and face. Here you will find out why.

My first tip is to rejuvenate your hair. If it is dyed or dry, doing it every two weeks will maintain a splendid shine. Mix an avocado with two tablespoons (up to three if your hair is very long) of olive oil and use it as a natural conditioner. With a bath cap hold for 10 minutes and then rinse with plenty of water. If your hair is very greasy, I recommend not to use the olive and only the avocado but to maintain it of 15 to 20 minutes. You will see that this treatment saves you from trouble.


And to take advantage of the supermarket offer (take 2×1) use another avocado to moisturize your face. In this case you will create a very simple mask (not allowed to eat). Apply it and if you have dry skin, add a teaspoon of mayonnaise (only one and not worth eating) sprinkle it through your most sensitive areas, especially the area “T” and you will see its effect in 20 minutes (do not let them take you photo pal face )


If you have mixed or oily skin, forget about mayonnaise (and forget it too, I’ll tell you … do not eat it! #makepimplesthesizeofm&ms) Instead, place three tablespoons of lemon and help to clean the face naturally ..


I hope these tips help you, and above all that we must always remember that we have to be nice for us;)



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