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When do women lose our confidence?

Many agree that over the years women lose confidence when they reach the stage of puberty. In that moment where the hormones are related, it is about attracting someone and you do not know how to relate and you can even read and say, so that it appears, so that it does not get lost, in the style El Diario de Bridget Jones, that stage that you are in the years of adulthood when it is assumed that, after many experiences of defeat, you say “right man” because you are already “mature”.

To Thalía’s novel, we must add that if you do not have a boyfriend, that joy of success will be given to you by your children (that is, your children) and that way you will achieve fulfillment. And in these modern times, a woman who does not want children but successful derives it to the car, to the cat, or to her own home. However, never in the history of the novels, old and contemporary, anyone has said:

“Darling, the success of accomplishment is in you, leave the stereotypes and think about what your own happiness is.”

During some years working as stylist, you get to know things. And, in my experience, giving workshops and advice not only of personal image but of personal “branding”.

I have realized that for some reason, for me very inexplicable, women tend to greatly displease us, let’s lower our morale ourselves, and self-stone without need, help or comment from anyone, not even that critical aunt that everyone has.

There is something where, deep inside, we repress ourselves to express and fall back on our self-esteem from an early age, and we do not let it go. But what is it?

If there is something that I find in common is that the vast majority do not know how to separate the exterior image with the interior. Maybe I do not like my ears very much, but I have an incredible quality of listening to others. I may not like my dark circles, but I know how to look at people frankly. And so, several etc later, I can separate those things from the outside in, looking for my strengths. That path also happens the other way around.

All our lives make us repeat our “need” not born but created (I know something of marketing) of dependency towards an external entity, we do not go to give us time to look, through the stages of life that we are going through, that degree of happiness and success that lies in us, and only us, and that varies while we are evolving.

Because yes, we must call it evolution, our development as women is for the better, never for the worse. I hope that the next time you see yourself in the mirror and repeat these words: Am I taking the time to seek my happiness for myself?


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