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Louis Vuitton debuts new luxury mask

Hello, Chameleon

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many haute couture brands have entered the world of protective accessories against this disease, such as the prestigious French fashion company Louis Vuitton, which has been causing controversy over the high price of their protective gear.

Louis Vuitton was one of the first to help against the spread of the virus. It began in April when it manufactured hospital gowns for the Paris Hospital Network (Hopitaux de Paris) and produced non-surgical protective masks in its workshops.

Louis Vuitton Creditos

Luxury was also adapted to the Covid-19

Now the fashion empire will add to its luxury accessories for all its customers a COVID-19 protective mask, unisex design, which will be available from October 30.

It is plastic, has the characteristic LV logo and will cost $961 (3576 soles)

This mask not only covers the whole face, but also works as a hat (the mask part can be turned over and remains as a visor). As for the design, it has an elastic strap to hold the head with the traditional French signature and in the edges the LV print.

The model is called “LV Shield” and in addition to protecting us, it fulfills the function of taking care of our face from the sun’s rays: the transparent cover changes from light to dark with bright light.

Tell me, girls, what do you think about the fact that wearing these health accessories is becoming a fashion? 🤔

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