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In these days where we walk from top to bottom with a thousand things, for which we are executive and we have to travel, we find in hotels not only a place to sleep, but to relax.

For me, the executive lounge has become an alternative where I can pause in the middle of day to day. The funny thing is that you can go casual, sporty or elegant. But yes, a red dress never goes unnoticed.

Why not spend a comfortable time in the middle of the day-to-day movement?

If you have a lot to do, nothing gives you more comfort than a 100% cotton dress that suits the body.

In this type of place, what you enjoy most is the opportunity to relax and eat delicious without worries. Is a good break any time of the day.

I love crazy accessories and you?

This look is inspired by the 50’s where the plumpers were very “in”.

Fotos: Daniel G. Broff
Locación: Delfines Hotel & Convention Center


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