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Proud of Roots

Hi Chameleons,

I love discovering, discovering and connecting. I love the idea of people who demonstrate that they are proud of their roots, this post is dedicated to them, because I met the friend of a friend of a friend (and like a message chain) the instagram of this photographer, Jugal Gehani of the always mystical India, with beautiful passages of what although for many everyday for us exciting. A story of an endless book, it is one of the most diverse, large and multi cultural countries in the entire world. To discover again and again through these photos. From here it only remains to say thank you Jugal for sharing your beautiful country






Elephants are one of my favorite animals

and yours?







India is one of the most exotic countries, and

where women present a distinctive elegance

in the world.






















Discover his adventures around India in his instagram: @jugal_gehani


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