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How can we make home compost?

Hi, girls! 😄

Although the coronavirus quarantine continues in our country, we must keep in touch with nature. Today I will share with you some super easy tips to make home compost, not only will we get fertilizer for our plants, but we will also give a correct use to half of the garbage we produce (organic waste) every day.

The benefits of having a vegetable garden at home are many; now that we are in the planting month, we can take advantage of it by building a compost bin and making home compost.

Step by step: How to make compost at home

What do they need?

A composter (you can get it with a 10% discount in Lima Compost 🌱) and worms (this is optional)

1. To make compost, we have to place dry waste (dry leaves, branches, matches, nutshells, paper, cardboard) and wet waste (fruit and vegetable peels, grass, tea, coffee, etc.) in the compost.

2. We must try to maintain a balance in humidity. This will make the compost neither too dry nor too wet, so that the worms can survive, so there will be enough oxygen during the decomposition process.


3. One recommendation is to cut things into small pieces. In this way we speed up the decomposition time a lot, because we give more surface to all the microorganisms and worms to act and work on the food.

The longer we see that a food takes to decompose, the more we can help it by cutting it small.

If we crush it all we would take away the necessary structure, that’s why the ideal is to look for the balance.

It is necessary to stir the mixture. The right way to do it: from the bottom to turn the mixture so that everything is integrated.

When our compost is ready to be harvested, the matter will be much darker, uniform and the things we throw away will no longer be recognizable or detected. They will have been transformed into a different mixture with a more homogeneous color and smell.

Tip: If you still have a lot of worms, that will give us the notion that there is still a lot of organic matter to decompose.

If you are thinking of making a garden in your house or apartment, I invite you to this online gardening workshop given by our friends from Lima Compost. They will teach us everything we need to know to take care of our garden and keep it beautiful. 💚😍

Chameleon, I hope you liked these tips a lot, keep reading our blog, we have interesting things for you, until next time. 💋


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