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Exclusive talk – Peruvian talent edition: Ana María Bugosen

In this new exclusive talk, we meet with Ana María Bugosen, Peru’s first ice cream maker, to learn a little more about her story of inspiration.

The story of Ana María, or “Anita” as I like to call her, is one of great discipline. From her time at Le Cordon Bleu Peru to when she studied at an Artisan Gelateria and Coffee Roastery in Italy, she teaches us that you can always learn, experiment in this delicious world of good food, and that everything is a matter of finding balance.

Camaleónicas: Where did the idea of becoming a master ice cream maker begin?

Ana María: Since I was a little girl, when I saw Pimentel’s ice cone in Chiclayo, I dreamed of making my best raspadillas, more ice cream makers but invented by me. I imagined the fruits, the creams without those bright colors. I am of sober colors not garish in general, even in my clothes.

“I am of Lebanese descent, remember that the Arabs invented ice cream.” – Ana Maria Bugosen

C: What is the most challenging thing you have encountered in a world where eating “well” is sometimes confused with consuming something unhealthy?

AB: The most challenging? Use only the good of the ingredient or ingredients of the dish, which in the end are mixed with others that make it unhealthy. I always rescue only the best of everything. For me, if it’s not healthy, it’s not good. But more than that, if you don’t prepare it the right way, you turn a healthy food into a toxic one.

C: How do you find the balance in your delicious recipes and stay healthy?

AB: Being an ice cream maker and living breaking down the characteristics of each input to be able to turn it into ice cream, is that I break everything down and see the best way to take advantage of it, so I also create my day-to-day recipes.

C: The 4D cafeladeria not only has traditional and avant-garde flavors in both ice cream and desserts, but also thinks about the balance of ingredients. Do you think that this is the secret of success that maintains them over time and with a recognition of their quality?

AB: The secret is that we do not change our essence, which is to respect the principles of artisan ice cream (not to be confused with rustic)

A1 inputs, national or imported depending on the need. The necessary amount of these within our product, not less, not disguised, tableware, disposable, portion sizes the usual without reducing anything. For example, special Italian porcelain cups for coffee, we use disposable cups for ice cream that come from the EC and are made of Swedish tree paper, etc. In Sweden, for every tree they cut down, they plant two.

C: Give us tips on how you organize your time since you are the image of the brand, you supervise the ice cream parlor and you also have your own content channels, in addition to your personal responsibilities. How do you spend your time?

AB: Well, I am very methodical and disciplined, in my day to day I keep a schedule. I get up at 5 a.m., say my rosary, play sports, take a shower, have breakfast and go to work. Then, at work, I have a neat and organized schedule, in which I include my working hours, and also my personal ones.

C: What experiences do you want people to take away when viewing your content?

AB: That there is nothing better than cooking for yourself and your loved ones; You don’t have to be a chef to do it. Cooking should be quick, easy, and uncomplicated. You have to take care of the cooking and conservation methods for each food and make the most of its nutrients.

Also, that we can do many things in a short time, not only in the kitchen, but by organizing ourselves in it we optimize time; which we can also use in an optimal and organized way for everything else that we need.

“I feel very proud to be a mother and a father, to have raised my daughter alone throughout these years and to see her today become a responsible and independent psychologist. It fills me with pride.” Ana Maria Bugosen


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