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Estée Lauder’s Disney Princess collection is iconic!

Hello, Chameleon!

Isn’t it great? Estée Lauder launched two outstanding Disney Princess series, The Little Mermaid (La Sirenita) would dream of being able to use these products.

The fascinating compact powder series includes eight princess-themed powder boxes, each with a translucent tone that tells the story of the Disney heroine on which they are based. For example, Tianna’s Princess is decorated with a frog decorated with gems, Snow White has a bright red apple and Beauty is not far behind, her case has a delicate golden hue.

The best part? Disney-inspired quotes are engraved on the inside of each mirror.

Fuente del video: Cortesía de Estée Lauder

The price of the powders ranges from $150 to $175, while the price of the precious perfumes in the same collection ranges from $250 to $300. Although I must admit that it is a very high price, the good news is that if you are a Disney fan, each item can be used as a piece of your collection.

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