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Envy Peru, the first Peruvian drag queen in RuPaul

Hello chameleonesses!

I’ll tell you what a little “Drag Race Holland” does In the first edition of the contest, Envy Peru presented its 10 contestants through an official video on social networks, where our compatriot, Envy Peru was the first to appear with a striking dress that had the colors of our flag.

Envy Peru, did not stay behind and also confirmed its participation in the prestigious reality show with a message in its official Instagram account.

“I’m in the first season of ‘Drag Race Holland’! I’m very excited to show the Netherlands and the rest of the world how amazing our community is here” published Envy in his Instagram (missenvyperu).

In addition, he assures that he will leave Peru in the lurch as a representative of our country: “I not only feel that I am representing the Netherlands but also my beautiful Peru! Start your engines, my loves, and get ready to be Dutch this season”.

Isn’t it great that in spite of having left Peru so long ago, you still have a great affection for your country?

Meet the Queens of RuPaul Drag Race Holland

When can we enjoy RuPaul’s Drag Race Holland?

As in its American version, RuPaul’s Drag Race Holland will be broadcast via VH1 from September 18, 2020. It is expected that it will also be seen by Netflix.
As good compatriots, and above all, friends, let’s support Envy, and let them know that we are very happy and proud that they are representing us in this contest.


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