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Elegance in one word “Japandi”

Hello chameleonesses!

Now that we spend more time at home, observing and looking at every detail, we are ready to change everything, to renew the furniture, beds, paintings, or to adopt a style that reflects elegance.

Do we already know which one to choose? Here I show you a good choice of style for your home, let’s talk about elegance, design and simplicity.

Japandi is a mix of minimalist and Scandinavian style, it takes from both its best attributes.

On the one hand the lighting, the relaxing and timelessness of the Scandinavian, on the other hand the textures, warmth and a color palette that comes from Japanese minimalism.



It mixes the woods of the Scandinavian style with some pieces of darker wood furniture. You can also include some elements in black.

Sliding doors

If there is something that defines Japanese interiors, it is the sliding panels that separate the spaces.

Extra points if you use sliding doors that have panels of glass or white translucent methacrylate that let the light through.

A touch of green

Dress up your Scandinavian tables and consoles with floral arrangements of few elements, simple compositions of dry branches or plants in deep green like bonsai. The contact with the nature is primordial in a Japanese interior.

Camaleonics I hope you have liked very much the information, keep on reading our blog, we have interesting things for you, until next time.


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