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Colors + Louis Vuitton?

Written by: Mayra Narváez @mayranarvaezblog

The fashion world is always changing, and we “consumers” are increasingly demanding or expecting from a brand and this is known by Louis Vuitton.

That is why, once again, the brand surprises us with a new product, which is a “Colored case”; the truth is that nobody expected it. So is being talked about in social networks.

The “Color Case” is made up of 140 colors and inside is covered with the emblematic logo of the French firm. The charm of this product is that it is made entirely of leather and holds each pencil with the help of a ring so that the case does not unwind when it is in motion.

In addition, we find on one of its sides a strip of pastel pink skin that helps close it in such a way that it can be taken everywhere. The price of this Louis Vuitton is USD$900 and is already on sale in all LUXURY stores.


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