"> CAT supports Peruvian art and creativity with Art Series - Camaleónicas CAT supports Peruvian art and creativity with Art Series - Camaleónicas

CAT supports Peruvian art and creativity with Art Series

CAT, the renowned clothing and footwear brand, reaffirms its commitment to Peruvian art and its support for creative innovation through its Do More campaign, inspiring others to do great things. This series of artistic battles highlights the creative capacity and talent of Peruvian artists, consolidating CAT’s commitment to the country’s art and culture.

CAT’s strategy with the Art Series goes beyond a one-off event. By partnering with people who are moving the city and undertaking innovative projects, CAT positions itself as a brand that drives change and generates a positive impact on society.

The Art Series revolves around the idea of generating authentic artistic content, allowing artists to express themselves freely during an exciting two-hour live “jam”, becoming a vibrant platform where artists demonstrate their versatility and creativity in real time.

These art sessions not only highlight the skill and ingenuity of Peruvian artists, but also celebrate the cultural diversity and artistic richness of Peru. CAT understands that art is a powerful tool for expression and, through this platform, seeks to inspire others to follow their creative passions and contribute to the cultural development of the country.

With this successful initiative, CAT demonstrates that it goes beyond being just a clothing, footwear and accessories brand. Its commitment to Peruvian art and its innovative strategy to promote the artistic movement not only strengthen its brand image, but also generate greater recognition and appreciation from the general public.


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