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Bloggers Pijama Party

A weekend with friends in a luxury hotel is not the same as any weekend. When you are reaching your 30’s, or in them, you realize that every time it becomes harder to have a time where we can all fit together.

But that saturday, Katha Puga, Giuliana Orrego, Caty “Pixie” Ordoñez and I, arrange our schedules to enjoy a night in one of the best luxury hotels of Lima city, Los Delfines.

We shared rooms, we exchanged, we enjoyed a room to watch movies and also a huge bathroom where sharing space was not a problem and with a large Jacuzzi.

You will see each space in the next few days and you will enjoy with me this one day trip. While I leave a photo with my bloggers friends, enjoying the delicious gift that gave us the hotel and the dressing gowns that sheltered us from the cold.

If you want a weekend among friends, with your couple, or just for you, this space is super ideal:

Until the next adventure!


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