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The route of Lima’s top 5 homemade burgers

Hello, Chameleons!

If you are visiting Lima, or just want to sin in the diet (once a year does not hurt), you can not miss the following ranking of the best burgers in Lima.

I have taken into account very important factors such as: Juicy meat, potatoes, creams, because each element is essential to create a combination of flavors that our palate will never forget.

So you know where the best burgers are, here’s a list of the most recommended restaurants in Lima, your stomach will be grateful. 🍔🔥

1. Street burger

At Street Burger, the food is very good, its strong, obviously, it’s the burgers. This place is a little tucked into the streets of Larco. The service is the best, the workers are very attentive and care about us, give you complimentary dishes (to make our wait more pleasant).

Without a doubt, one of the best burgers in Lima. The average cost for two people is between 90 and 100 suns (about 30 US dollars).

Burgers of Lima
Credist Street Burger
Burgers of Lima
Credits Street Burger

2. Papacho’s

Papacho’s is not only rich, but on the menu you can also find several “a little healthier” options, such as vegetarian burgers, so you don’t feel guilty about the amount of food (because the dishes are big). The place is very good, service is quick and the workers are very friendly. And the main dishes and snacks are very delicious.

The burgers are also very good, the fries Ufff! The bacon and onion rings at their point. Overall, very rich. There is no doubt that if you visit them, it will become one of your favorite restaurants.

Handmade burgers of Lima
Credits Papacho’s
Burgers of Lima
Credits Papacho’s

3. Cosme

Delicious meat burgers, the taste is amazing A crazy thing! You can accompany it with native fries and several homemade creams Anything richer than that? The bread they make has a special flavor, without a doubt,Cosme, is one of my favorite places.

In addition to the burger, a very striking detail is the presentation of the food and the decoration of the place, they will fall in love.

4. Café A Bistro

They serve good American breakfast and their meat burgers don’t fall behind. Without a doubt the best thing is hamburger, I think it is one of the richest than tried in Lima. Fries are also delicious. Super recommended.

Handmade burgers of Lima

5. Osso

The owner and chef is the great Renzo Garibaldi, Osso, it is a great place to eat meat and burgers.

Have a big variety of meats and cuts of its own butcher shop makes this the best place to eat burgers. The meat is perfectly cooked on the huge grill that can be seen on the table, it is a very comfortable and quiet atmosphere with excellent service.

Handmade burgers of Lima
Credits Osso
Handmade burgers of Lima
Credits Osso

Do you know another one? Tell me in the comments if you know of another place to eat a good, and above all, blunt hamburger.

Don’t forget that we’ll continue with more articles like this on Chameleons blog, see you next time, Chameleons! 💛


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