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Tips for nail cuticles

Hello girls!

This weekend I had a date, I felt a tremendous embarrassment when he told me to show him my hands, I had my cuticles a mess, I don’t want the same to happen to them, so these tips will be important to save your next date.

Cuticles are a forgotten part of the hands, but you have to protect them to avoid nail infections and to make them look good.


The important thing is to have them well hydrated, because we must not forget that it is skin, this way it will keep your nails flexible and we will not get the annoying little skins.

1 Never forget your gloves: when you go to wash the dishes or do gardening work, gloves are a fundamental protection, so we will avoid any damage to our hands.

2 Apply moisturizing cream on your hands, spread it also on the sides of your nails and give them a little massage.

3 It is recommended to eat foods rich in vitamin A and B, more if you have fragile nails, you should start by increasing dairy products which are also important.

4 Before pushing your cuticles, hydrate them with some oil to soften and shape them. This way you avoid damaging them. If you don’t have any, you can add olive oil.

5 I recommend using Almond Butter for your hands and nails before going to sleep, so that it works during the night.

6 Use a toothpick or a swab soaked in oil to push them and never cut them.

7 Never bite them, as the pH of saliva is acidic and can also hurt them.

These were some basic tips to make your hands look perfect, do not forget that we will continue with more articles like this in Chameleon blog, until next time, kisses! :*


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