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The Why Project: searching for your reason for being by Mau Montaner

The Why Project seeks to be a “supportive” community and is there only one way to be and feel good about yourself? Here we tell you a little more about Mau Montaner’s original idea.

It may perhaps sound like a post-pandemic cliché to some that there are more and more podcasts (and as a teacher I predicted this about five years ago and no one listened to me) or that there are more and more “help” formats for people to find their potential in this increasingly unbalanced world. But, I must and want to believe that any form of support for a person who needs it is always welcome and that since this crazy world is so, so diverse, it is precisely projects like The Why Project that have a HEALTHY impact.

We can read thousands of self-help books, look for new activities, but until we understand our why and the fact that this is something unique and personalized, because it is our own path, we may deviate many times. And perhaps one of the things that I have learned the most from listening to people is that we have the bad need to think that our shape is the shape of others.


That was what caught my attention the most about The Why Project, and also, understanding, why the project took more than four years, which saw light in sketches at the end of 2019 and that today is something concrete. I also understand why many people still do not understand “the why” and that it is difficult for them to understand what it is, since, as I said before, until we become adults, we parameterize and synchronize ourselves both individually, socially and communally, limiting ourselves to what There are few but there is only ONE, the formula for success. And even, I dare say, perhaps it is the furthest from what we really want.

That is why I believe that stimuli and motivations are also important, in such a diverse path, where there is more than one option, there is more than one way to reach people. And that is where resources such as digital and audiovisual media become present. The most important thing is that the essence is there and that is what we must rescue from this project.


To this we add that we consume so much data and so much information daily, that we live saturated and the activities, life itself, are demanding according to our starting point. You already asked yourself today how many minutes you have invested in yourself today or how long it has been since you have done so. That’s a good start to looking for your “WHY”.

And to repeat, finally everyone who wants and can do something to even extend a hand to give happiness and mental health to people must be shared. That’s why I share them with you. To Mau and his team, from these lines, we can only wish them success, because this is brave.


By @dannywitko


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