"> INEN lights up for the World Day for the Fight Against Cancer - Camaleónicas INEN lights up for the World Day for the Fight Against Cancer - Camaleónicas

INEN lights up for the World Day for the Fight Against Cancer

The Oncological Traffic Light, an initiative formed by 10 associations of oncological patients and INEN, the National Institute of Neoplastic Enfermedades, teamed up to light up the façade of the hospital specializing in cancer in orange (the characteristic color of this day of the fight). This is with the aim of generating awareness among the population, and mobilizing control actions with the development of public policies that reduce the mortality of this disease, which currently kills 100 patients daily.

“According to Globocan figures in the year 2040, cancer cases in Peru will rise by 75%. What we seek is to raise awareness among the population and to sow a culture of prevention among Peruvians. We must not forget that we have a law that protects us, we must continue fighting for the implementation of the National Cancer Ley, above all of the Oncological Network, thinking about our patients from provinces”, said Susana Wong, singer of Semáforo Oncológico and director of Lazo Rosado Peru.

The event was held at the Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Neoplásticas and counted with the participation of Dr. Francisco Berrospi Espinoza, Institutional Chief of INEN; the Dr. Javier Manrique Hinojosa, Executive Director of the Health Promotion, Prevention and National Cancer Control Department at INEN; and Mrs. Susana Wong, singer of Semaforo Oncológico and director of Lazo Rosado Perú, who died at the beginning of the activity with previous words in the alumbrado.

A marine show was presented, which highlighted the importance of having a healthy lifestyle with physical activity, which reduces the risk of suffering from cancer, which is resurfaced. “Exercising promotes cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and body composition; likewise reduce stress levels, tiredness, anxiety, depression and improve self-esteem and happiness. Quality of life factors among cancer survivors” commented Dr. Berrospi, Institutional Chief of INEN.

We are aware that INEN, IRENES and MINSA have participated in meetings in order to coordinate actions for the development of the National Oncological Network directed to the application of the law. In the next few days, Semaforo Oncológico will meet with INEN to present the advanced actions in detail.


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