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Active days

Hello my minions!

We always need a day to say we started the diet, literally with another group of fashion bloggers started last Monday with an effective routine created by Samantha Clayton(instagram: @samanthaclaytonfitness) who is the director of physical education program of Herbalife.
camaleonicas y samantha clayton day of excersises

Effectiveness in routine is to work several muscles at the same time, making for the most effective basic poses. Proving that consistency brings progress for women today between work or studies can be complicated and sometimes we make excuses (let’s face it ….we do) without time to exercise.

So I invite you to see her work  and build your routine based on these tips at: Herbalife 24.

It is time to change our habits and have no more excuses, here talking with other bloggers, we reached a conclusion: perseverance and attitude are everything 😉

Do you have a friend who just gave birth? Check out this video of instagram @Camaleonicas and do not miss this Samantha routine for mothers.

camaleonicas with herbalife in lima training day

Have a nice week!



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