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Gabardine, your best option for winter

Hello girls!

The intense cold sometimes forces us to stay at home, tucked in and not wanting to go out, but gabardine are the solution to being comfortable and looking elegant.

These garments do not go unnoticed in most of our closets and should not surprise us, as they combine with many styles and are in fashion.

We are not talking about just one model, we are talking about the infinite number of designs and styles when it comes to raincoats.

I’ll show you 5 styles:

Classic doesn’t go out of style!

It is the best known, its length is above the knees, its colors are neutral, like beige, camel or toast, are part of the trend colors of the year to come, you can combine from dresses, to pants.

If you are looking for a raincoat that does not go out of fashion, this is the one.

A long styling

This gabardine is very similar to the classic one, the difference is its length, this one brings a more casual and casual style, apart from giving a higher perspective.

Pictures and Gabardines

This is a trench coat with prints, but thin and simple, in fashion there are many pictures, but these are used a type of trench are the tartan, the harris and the window check.

Patent leather gabardine

has vibrant and cheerful colors are its main feature. They are perfect for rain, since the material they are made of repels water.

If you like to take risks with fashion, we recommend you to own one of them.

Leather/Polyester Gabardine

It is really elegant, it brings a classic touch to everything you wear, the perfect garment for almost any situation, you have to learn to combine them.

Don’t forget that we will be giving more fashion details in our blog, see you later girls.


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