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Zara’s beauty line will now have hairdressing

Launched this July 30th, the Zara brand released the first articles of its new “Zara Hair” line. This complements the beauty line.

Since 2021, he has entered the world of “Zara Make-Up” cosmetics. Its varied and now extensive Beauty line offering has not been slow to present launches.

This new phase involves the launch of a limited edition capsule collection, with the collaboration of designer Guido Palau. On this occasion and as part of the launch, we are thinking of items for the end of year celebrations.

2024 will be the complete launch of the line, this launch is just a delay.

This capsule is part of the collection of hair and hair products that Palau has designed for Zara Hair, officially launching in spring 2024.

The name of this presentation is “Glitter in Gold”, with a total of four articles. Composed of articles for hair, and other treatment products. Of course, the tone is gold, it is the one that unites all the proposed products, complementing the “looks” for the fiestas.

The collection is made up of a “Give Me Gold Hair” white gold-finished fixing gel, a gold-effect illuminating spray “Give Me Glitter Spray”, a set of 12 hours in a gold finish, and a golden skin of large teeth.

About the setting gel Palau explains as follows: “This product is inspired by makeup, as when you apply a highlighter and it leaves the shine on from cover to cover.” In other words, it’s like applying a layer of makeup, which you can intensify with more applications to achieve the desired effect.

Its complement is the spray, with a golden shine. Its application method is similar to gel, cover by cover.

As for accessories, aesthetics and functionality have been keys for the stylist. Making sure that its products are really easy to use and adaptable to all types of hair.


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