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Trends for a perfect face: micro-segmentation

Any time of the year is perfect to decide to invest a little more in our image. Among the alternatives is micropigmentation, a semi-permanent makeup that harmonizes the structure of our face. At first, this technique was performed exclusively on the eyebrows; however, little by little it has been venturing into other areas to improve the appearance of our face.

In this regard, Doménica Padilla, an expert in micropigmentation with more than 10 years of experience, comments that this procedure can be carried out on eyebrows, lips, and eyelids, so she details each process and its main benefits:

Eyebrow micropigmentation: This option consists of obtaining semi-permanent micropigmentation on the eyebrows through any of the three techniques that are performed: Microblading, a technique that draws the eyebrows hair by hair; Shading, a shadow effect below the eyebrow hairs; and microshading, which is a mixture of the last two techniques mentioned, “The specialist will define the ideal technique for each type of person, depending on their needs and skin type,” says Doménica.

Full lips: Through this technique, a micropigmentation is performed that enhances the natural color of the lips in a natural way, giving them a more defined appearance. It is also an excellent option in case the person wants to match the color of their lips.

Microliner between the eyelashes: It is a semi-permanent eyeliner between the upper eyelashes that generates a more powerful and expressive look. “The eyeliner is super subtle and delicate, with which you will feel groomed all the time,” says the expert.

It should be noted that each of these treatments requires a second session for a better definition of the lines and/or to highlight an area depending on the pigmentation of the skin of each one. On the other hand, the expert stresses the importance of self-care to guarantee a perfect result. “Any time of the year is ideal to perform these procedures, as long as the recommendations are followed to the letter. In this way, a face with a natural look will be obtained twenty-four hours a day”, concludes Doménica. Would you dare to try it?


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