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TOUS LoveMe: The fragrance that is a jewel

In commemoration of the 100 years of the TOUS brand, the Eau de Parfum plus TOUS is a jewel made into a perfume for authentic #TOUSLovers.

When it comes to multifaceted fragrances, Love ME takes the cake. Inspired by one of the brand’s emblematic pieces, the TOUS charm, it is an accessory, a unique package with a pleasant sweet essence.

Olivier Cresp, one of the most acclaimed master perfumers of recent times, is the nose behind this line, where he indicates “A scent, in addition to being an icon, is a jewel and represents contemporary women.”

LoveMe Eau de Parfum

It has top notes where pink grapefruit, pink pepper, and pleasant notes of lychee stand out. In the heart we find the mythical peony, the firbest, the firbest rose, delicate jasmine petals mixed with centifolia rose. And to give it personality, the background has cedar, cashmere, and the freshness of mousse crystal.

LoveMe Onyx Parfum

This mix is addictive, it has floral and fruity components, but also exotic oriental touches. The intensity of the precious stone is felt in its heart of black orchid, and the impetus of the heliotrope. At the beginning the hazelnut is reflected with the fruitiness of the grapefruit and the peony; while it becomes intense at the bottom where vanilla, vetiver and sandalwood reign.

LoveMe The Silver Parfum

Elegance and sophistication like the finest silver, luminous jasmine and rose petals shine, enhanced by sparkling mandarin orange and peach in their heart notes, while the magnetic freshness of the fragrance is softened first by seductive musks and in the base. notes of sandalwood stand out.

All fragrances come in 30 ml., 50 ml. and 90 ml.


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