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Tanbonitta: a skincare and wellness experience made in Peru

Tanbonitta is a vegan, cruelty free and certified skincare and wellness brand born in Peru. With potential and power in a transparent process, full of creativity.

Through its products it reaches a new generation that is represented in today’s world and with a real impact. In these lines, we share with Marianella Vignati, founder of the brand, who tells us through her experience and development with Tanbonitta all her potential.

To start with, we wanted to know what prompted you to be a vegan brand and this was your answer:

“When you start creating a brand, in this case it was creating a skincare and wellness brand and you have the choice between being vegan or not, the path I’m going to decide to take is very clear, how not to opt for the best. From From the moment I started with the conceptualization, what I call my “Green check list”, which are my non-negotiables, was always present in my mind. I was able to find the company that understood my vision and the importance of working with ingredients and forms that respect the environment. environment and animals. That’s why Tanbonitta is proudly vegan and cruelty-free.” declares Marianella.

He also adds “Moisturizing oils have changed my skin and my life. Its nourishing and restorative qualities as well as its versatility is what we love. Being able to use it on the skin, hair or anywhere on the body as a restorative treatment makes it an essential product in your routine.”

“The truth is that from the first moment I tried Marula oil I knew that this was the oil that I wanted to have in Tanbonitta.”

And it is that we know that the oils have become a hallmark of the brand, not only because of what is discussed on the networks, but because when asking about the brand, they always mention them to us in their points of sale. That is why when asking about her success, she, Marianella, tells us:

“As the first product, I opted for a 100% cold-pressed oil since this process maintains all its nutrients and without any ingredient or fragrance that could alter its purest version. Believe me, I have tried ALL the oils on the market, from the most classic ones like argan , coconut, jojoba, even those that I was interested in as being native to our country, such as chia, sacha inchi or quinoa, but the truth is that none fascinated me as much as Marula.This one has a super light texture that it absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it without a greasy feeling, but with a natural glow.”

“The best thing is its high content of antioxidants, vitamins and omegas that hydrate and nourish everything they touch. In the office we know it as “the magic oil” since it heals everything.”

He even adds the following “We have cases of psoriasis, stretch marks, burns and cuts that have been using this oil and it has helped soothe and regenerate the skin due to its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and non-comedogenic properties.”

“My TIP: Always put a drop on your lips to keep them hydrated and there is no better makeup primer than 3 drops of Marula Oil.”

With so much to learn from people who are dedicated to beauty care, we couldn’t help but wonder if you had a skincare routine to recommend. In his words, we don’t have to stress out in a care routine, we have to relax and learn to listen to ourselves.

For Vignati, a lot will depend on your lifestyle, as he comments “At the end of this, it is about being able to try and recognize what works for each one for their lifestyle and skin type. If I can give some tips to your routine would be these:

  1. Wash your hands first!
  2. Start with a facial cleansing (preferably with a mild soap and not those that leave your skin tight and dry)
  3. Have a clean towel a day, always! (we do not want to wash our face and then dirty it again with an already used body or hand towel)
  4. Don’t complicate your life if you don’t understand what should come first, think light to dense texture (serum, cream, oil) or mix it all up!
  5. Always finish your morning routine with sunscreen
  6. Enjoy and learn to listen to your skin.”

“We want the client to know that we are a 100% natural and effective brand.”

“We are a Peruvian entrepreneurship that creates each product with the best ingredients worldwide, since we care about always obtaining quality in everything we produce. We not only want you to know us for generating personal care products, but we are also looking to start a close relationship where they know that with us they can always find well-being and personal growth.” As the founder of the brand, she could not help but feel that personal care empathy that each person should feel for her skin. “Tanbonitta will help you feel that way as her name says, because we must take care of ourselves both inside and out and thus feel comfortable with ourselves.”

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