"> Review: Moschino TOY 2 - Camaleónicas Review: Moschino TOY 2 - Camaleónicas

Review: Moschino TOY 2

Moschino launches a new version of its TOY 2 fragrance, called TOY 2 Pearl, at the TFWA fair held in Cannes.

Licensed by Euroitalia, and already officially launched in Italy, it will be released globally next year.

Pictured is model Devon Aoki, dressed in a mermaid costume designed by Jeremy Scott.

Let’s remember that it all started with the bear bottle in 2014. In this version, TOY 2 PEARL is inspired by Tahitian mother-of-pearl, the iridescent onyx lacquer finish draws attention. With a distinctive opalescent shine, based on Tahitian mother-of-pearl.

The fragrance is a salty-fruity combination, the idea of IFF perfumer Domitille Michalon – Bertier, who sees inspiration in Italian culture. The most remarkable thing about the fragrance design is that it has 94% biodegradable ingredients and 44% of natural origin.

Lemon sorbet and oregano appear in the opening of the fragrance, after which the composition dives into a floral heart of jasmine and freesia, wrapped in a warm sandy accord. The base reveals the softness of notes of musk, vetiver and cypress. It should be noted that the perfume contains 94% biodegradable ingredients and 44% of natural origin. Designed for Men and Women.

Top notes are sorbet, oregano and acidic lime. The aromatic Heart with notes of sand, freesia and jasmine mixes with the fresh and spicy base of cypress, vetiver and musk.

And very much in the style of the house, the bottle is surrounded by the fantasy of the marine world, inspired by mermaids, where the glitter stands out.


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