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Review: Mercedes-Benz Sign Your Power

Since Mercedes-Benz launched its Sign line in 2021, this third installment takes masculinity to a new power of seduction.

In its official statement the brand announces: “Sign Your Power is a statement of absolute self-confidence, an opportunity for every man to leave a mark and attract attention: a perfume of captivating intensity, which embodies strength of character, performance and power. Sign Your Power: personal fulfillment through success.”

The classic design of its presentation shows a powerful belt with the Mercedes-Benz star and a matte carbon atomizer cap. On it, the name of the collection, giving that touch of elegance. A contrast between the matte black and metallic shine of the logo gives that air of innovation.

Perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin designs this fragrance that denotes sensuality and masculinity. At the top it has cinnamon, Guatemalan cardamom and Davana. The heart notes are red wine, cocoa and plum. And in the background, patchouli, amber and cedar.

The woody and amber notes give vigor, manliness and strength to the fragrance.


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