"> Review: Kenzo Flower IKEBANA BY KENZO - Camaleónicas Review: Kenzo Flower IKEBANA BY KENZO - Camaleónicas

Review: Kenzo Flower IKEBANA BY KENZO

Flower Ikebana by Kenzo commemorates the floral beauty and appreciation of creator Kenzo Takada for a life lived to the full.

It is an eau de parfum that combines the elegant Japanese art of flower arrangements, innovating on its olfactory canvas where the aroma of floral gardens stands out. a very elaborate fragrance at every moment.

Ikebana is the name given to Japanese floral art.

The perfume stands out for having 90% of its components of natural origin, the perfume container is based on the Japanese kakemono, it shows the iconic Sakura flower engraved on the glass. On this occasion, it is the first time that a recyclable glass lid is used. And not only that, the entire conception of the perfume has an ecological ethic. Entirely made in France, glass with 15% recycled material, the paper on the casing comes from FSC-certified forests. In addition, the printing inks used are bio-based.

Created by Alexander Monet and Alberto Morillas, it harmoniously combines elements such as toasted nuances of Sobacha tea, Sakura flower with Indian tuberose. The background brings woody elegance, vetiver, cedar, and Australian sandalwood.


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