REVIEW: Huile-en-Brume Solaire Corps UVA/UVB 30

They say that today the sun does not leave us a day in peace. And for some of us who arrived early in our third decade, it is better to be safe than sorry. With this spray Clarins brand, you will have a high protection for the whole body; and the best, unlike other oils you will get a satin effect without having problems of grease, since it has a dry finish.

Do not believe me? I recommend starting with the legs, the effect is DI-VI-NE.

This can become your must have next summer since I release some data that I have been investigating.

Dears, Clarins is not a brand to underestimate, what I like is that in the formulation of all its products there is always something related to “skin care”.

In the case of Huile-en-Brume Solaire its formula is enriched with the extract an extract of plants that also has the component [SunPlantComplex] which means that it gives us a greater moisturizing effect and at the same time protects us for the anti-aging effect.

Are you afraid to apply it because you have oily skin or you sweat a lot? Do not even think about it. It is resistant to water and perspiration, also being suitable for all skin types.

Finally my recommendation is to apply it fifteen minutes before exposing yourself to the sun and every two to three hours to reapply. They will have the skin they wanted so much in the summer.

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