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Review: Ginza Night Shiseido

Ginza Night is a Fruity Gourmand that is part of the brand’s famous Ginza line, with very attractive essences.

The Ginza collection by Shiseido presents this fourth fragrance that is floral-based but with gourmand fruity touches, very attractive to the smell that becomes a unique essence.

Woody touches, with black currant it is very fresh. With a large bouquet of base flowers that make it elegant.

It is certified vegan, formulated with 88% ingredients of natural origin.

The Ginza line bottle comes in a gradient tone from pink to purple to give it that dusk effect without losing its femininity.

Its sensory journey that goes from fruity to floral, awakens enigmatic flavors in its wake. Notes of black currant and mandarin orange, with a white floral core of lily, gardenia and jasmine in the heart highlighted with base notes of vanilla, cedar wood.


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