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Rainbow hair Do you dare to use it this spring?

Hello, Chameleons!

If you are lovers of extravagant colors, and never want to go unnoticed, I am 100% sure that you will love this new spring trend.

🌈 Did you ever imagine that dyeing our hair with all the colors of the rainbow would become a trend?

I was surprised haha, if you are one of the women who love to dye your hair, and capture various colors, such as pastel, purple, blue or pink tones, these looks are perfect for you.


We’ve seen various celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Halsey, show off the rainbow colors on their hair, and they’ve certainly given us that little push to dare to dye our hair with these pastel colors.

Sólo las puntas:

For those looking for a more subtle style, but want to give color pops to their hair, dyeing the dots is ideal! Also, they don’t have to discolor all their hair, so they won’t be mistreating their hair. Best of all, if you get to regret or get bored of that color, you’ll just have to cut a little of your hair.

rainbow hair

Pastel rainbow hair

Rainbow hair is very versatile. You can use various color intensities, from neon to pastel. In this case, the model will have a horizontal gradient in soft tones. To achieve this effect, it is necessary to discolor the hair from start to finish and then retain the color.

rainbow style

Peek a Boo

This style includes the inner layer of dyed hair, which can be hidden or shown at any time. The effects achieved when combing hair are fascinating!

Rainbow Roots

teñido arcoíris
Credits Kristina CheesemanTeñido arcoírisKristina Cheeseman

I must warn you that this is one of the most demanding techniques, because the growth of our hair will soon begin to be noticed and will have to be retouched frequently.

Do you dare to wear one of these looks? 💆 If you are thinking of cutting your hair, and changing give it a new style, I recommend reading this article ➡️ How to cut my hair at home without ruining it?


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