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Overnight eyes x L’occitane Is it as good as they say?

Hello, Chameleons!

Have you known the Overnight eyes magic serum? In case you hadn’t heard of this treatment for our eyes, today I’ll tell you everything you need to know, Attentive! 👀

The area of our eyes is very delicate; I have to accept that sometimes I’ve left her forgotten. Many times we have avoided using a single product completely, usually these products tend to come in the form of thick creams that can even make our long-lasting concealer, leave our whole face muddy.

Overnight eyes serum

However, thanks to L’Occitane, today we can enjoy Immortelle Overnight Eyes Serum which has a serum suspension system in oil that provides a lasting moisturizing effect, and an ultralight feeling, that is great, because there are many creams that when applied, make our face feel heavy.

Want to know what ingredients make you a musthave in our skincare routine?

It contains a mixture of organic Immortelle essential oil that helps us fight aging, softening oil tea and Acmella Oleracea extract, this provides softness to the skin, plus it has Marjoram extract, this complex of anti-fatigue plant extract, makes our skin look fresher.

Overnight eyes serum
Credits L’occitane
Overnight eyes serum
Credits L’occitane

Some of the details we love about Overnight eyes:

1.Hydration and luxury:

I have read many reviews of how well hydrated the face leaves, without leaving the skin heavy or making it look greasy all day long. On the other hand, from the packaging, to the texture and feel of the serum, using this product is a luxury.

Despite being a slightly high priced product certainly the investment is worth it.

What do you think, girls, would you buy it or do you know a better option to take care of our eyes? 🤔

If you are looking for a simple and inexpensive skincare routine, I recommend reading this post ⏩ beautiful in three simple steps.

See you tomorrow, Chameleons 💜 have a nice day!


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