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Millie Bobby Brown and her line of facial care

¡Hello, chameleonesses!

Every day thousands of women put on layers of makeup and simply don’t have time to get cocky, which is why about a week ago the actress Millie Bobby Brown gave us a new collection to take care of our facial skin.

A little before quarantine, the 15-year-old Hollywood actress was encouraged to launch her vegan line of natural cosmetics as a personal project. The new range of Brown products is due to her experience with her personal appearance which led her to create what we know as Florence by Mills.


There are different routines due to this problem, but with the newness of the actress in the beauty market this is over. Florence by Mills has expanded its collection of cleansing masks and moisturizers to include a facial mist, a lip balm, an exfoliation mask, lip oil and toners.

We know that not all of us have the same skin type to use the same lotion, that’s why the brand shows us three presentations for each one. The first tonic is to lighten or even out the coloring, the second tonic is to clear the way and lighten the pores, and the third one seeks to keep the skin balanced and healthy.

YOUTUBE: Florence by Mills

Although most of Florence by Mills is stored in Ulta, this new release is exclusive to FlorencebyMills.com. For more notes and news like Bobby Brown’s new line, don’t forget to check out our Chameleon blog.


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