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MAC Color Excess Gel Pencils: live in color

The year 2022 is proving to be the year we see life in color again. There’s a whole trend of experimenting with bold pigments and playful designs, where the new Color Excess Gel Pencil Eyeliners from M.A.C. They are essential.

Vivid, easy to wear, super bright and glamorous shades

With this new eyeliner, long-lasting technology and saturated pigment are combined, giving a smooth effect, silky to the touch, giving a high definition technicolor eyeliner.

All colors are waterproof and inspired by the world of cyber, they last up to 24+ hours of wear on the lids and 12 hours of wear on the waterlines of the eyes.

With this range, the brand is bringing a new innovation, called line lock technology, which actually locks the color so it doesn’t transfer.

Gel eyeliners are a favorite among connoisseurs as they are great for recreating many eye makeup trends. Its most notable attributes, in addition, are resistant to stains, safe for people who wear contact lenses, as it has been tested by ophthalmologists.

We are going to run to buy it, and you? In stores soon worldwide and on the official website of Mac Cosmetics.


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