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L’oreal launches a revolutionary brow product in Asia

3D shu:brow by L’oreal is the new development that allows users to effortlessly create personalized 3D baskets at home in just seconds.

Shu Uemura cosmetics is one of the companies that generates the most innovations in the industry, with truly innovative developments. On this occasion, the innovation is a testament to its commitment and continued dedication to a vanguard makeup in Japanese aesthetics.

“In shu uemura, we empower Asian youth for self-exploration, which in today’s world has become a fictitious journey”, says Sandrine Jolly, world president of the brand. “We believe that everyone can express themselves through art, and innovation must be more accessible. I am delighted that now we can help everyone to proclaim their uniqueness and unlock their creative potential with beautiful technological solutions”.

Elaborar el 3D shu:brow helps to style the eyebrows, the desired results sometimes required professional services such as microblading, micro-shading or filler effects.

With the brand technique and Japanese craftsmanship for 3D baskets, even without professional experience, you can achieve pro-level results without effort. A product created for the comfort of home.

To use the device, open the 3D application shu:brow and scan the face with the Modiface screen reader. Then select the desired finish, where you choose the desired shape, thickness and effect. Cepilla la imprimación a través de las cejas con un solo movimiento de barrido. Apply a final coat finish to fix the look and remove it easily with a standard make-up remover.


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