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How do I cut my hair at home?

Hello girls!

This topic is very interesting, since we often ask ourselves, what should I change? My color or my haircut? How can I do it without spending money? Will I spoil it?

If you are already more than determined that you want to cut it, well here I will help you not to spoil it and love your new style, if otherwise, what you want is to dye it, hopefully we will soon write about that.

Keep this in mind:

¨Tener a special stainless steel scissors, specific for hair cutting and that are well sharpened.¨

Long Hair

Always have your hair wet, you must take into account that when it is dry, it will be shorter. You should untangle the hair before cutting it, as well as combing it with a line in the middle.

When your hair is long and you want a straight cut, you should take a bun and use your fingers as a guide to where you want to cut the ends.

Or for something less rounded, it’s to split the hair in two, put it in front, take the ends with a chignon creating the shape of a triangle under the chin and cut using your fingers as a guide.

Short hair

Look at the distance between the blade and the furthest part of the head you chose: this will be the length of the hair after the cut if you use a machine.

You can also use special scissors to give texture, movement and volume to the hair. It is important to take the locks vertically, separate them with a comb and use your fingers as a guide to the height where you are going to cut.


To cut the fringe, it can be combed and dry cut so that it does not shrink. It can also be cut when wet, however, the cut should be made below the desired height to prevent it from being too short once it is dry.

Another tip is to avoid frowning while cutting your fringe because when you relax your face, it can look up to 2 cm shorter.

chameleon! don’t forget that you do your own style, any cut will be perfect for you, we’ll be back with dyes and looks in trends in our chameleon blog, until next time, 😀


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